The Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) is being developed by Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) to facilitate testing of full scale wave energy converters and floating offshore wind technologies in an open ocean harsh metocean environment.

AMETS will be located off Annagh Head, west of Belmullet in County Mayo and will be connected to the national grid.

The test site is an integral component of Ireland’s Ocean Energy Strategy and is being developed in accordance with the national Offshore Renewable Energy Development Plan  (OREDP).

The site will provide two separate test locations at various depths of water (~50m and 100m) to allow for a range of devices to be tested.

It is envisaged that the test site will provide a grid connected national test facility, to which full scale technologies could be coupled during their final stages of pre-commercial development. 


The test site will comprise of both onshore and offshore components.

Currently offshore there will be two test areas:

  • Test Area A will be at 100m water depth and will be  located some 16km out from Belderra Strand; Test Area A will be 6.9 km2 (2.02 nautical square miles).
  • Test Area B will be at 50m water depth and will be located 6km from the strand. Test Area B will be 1.5 km2 (0.44 nautical square miles) and located ~16km from the strand.

The onshore element comprises a small substation which will be constructed close to the landing point of the offshore cables on Belderra Strand.

The substation site will be 2 acres.

Build of the substation is planned for 2022/2023.  

The test sites will be accessible via Frenchport Pier.


The proposed test site in Belmullet will initially focus on wave and wind powered technologies. The test site is not yet in operation for developers but SEAI can offer interested developers a  suite of detailed information such as live met-ocean data measurements, numerical wave modelling reports including wave propagation and wave energy assessments, offshore site investigations including vibrocores and multi-beam surveys.


Real-time observations from the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site Data Dashboard wave buoys known as Belmullet Inner (Berth B) and Belmullet Outer (Berth A) include:

  • Wave Height
  • Wave Period

The Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site data dashboard is a set of graphs and tools that display real-time performance indicators related to the wave climate at the Belmullet Inner (Berth B) and Belmullet Outer (Berth A) sites. Historical data is also available.  

Observations gathered from the wave measurement buoys include:

  • Significant Wave Height (metre)
  • Average Wave Period (secs)
  • Mean Wave Direction (degree)
  • Maximum Wave Height (in measured period)
  • Wave Spectra

Survey Report

SEAI recently undertook a review of the AMETS facility which looked for feedback from all ocean technology developers who have an interest in utilizing the site.

A high-level report produced to compliment the survey, on the current status of the site, the wave and wind resources at the location, and an outline of data collected at AMETS to date can be accessed below

Download our report


Information day on marine energy test site off north Mayo

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) will hold a public information day in the Broadhaven Bay Hotel, Belmullet, on Thursday, June 23, to outline the proposed addition of floating offshore wind technology testing at the Atlantic Marine Energy Test Site (AMETS) located near Belmullet. The event, which is bilingual, runs from 3 to 8 p.m. in the Broadhaven Bay Hotel on June 23. The SEAI welcomes feedback and encourages the public to attend this open information day to ask questions and find out more about the proposed plans.


The site received a foreshore lease in 2015 to test wave energy converters and to install a cable route from the site back to shore. Planning permission for onshore infrastructure was also granted in 2017. To date no testing activity has started at the site and work has been focussed on surveys and data collection. In 2018 SEAI began the process of expanding the scope of the site to also include floating offshore wind technology testing.

Next Steps

The information event will inform attendees about the environmental consenting process that SEAI is undertaking to expand the scope of the site to test floating offshore wind technologies at the site. That process includes:

  • Scoping of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Preparation of Environmental Impact Assessment Report
  • Feedback from public and statutory authorities
  • Completion of the Environmental Impact Assessment Report

A series of informational displays will be available at the event to view which outline the current proposal, and the public will have the opportunity to ask questions and speak to experts about the process.


Consultation Feedback Form – Have Your Say

Informal feedback

We would like to know your thoughts on the Environmental Impact Assessment Scoping Report which is available online and on display in the Belmullet library. Please complete our online feedback form below

We will host a second information event by early 2023 once the Environmental Impact Assessment Report has been finalised.

Formal feedback

You can make a formal submission on the consent application documents during the statutory consultation period which will last eight weeks. We will advertise the public consultation period in the local and national press. You can view the consent application and full Environmental Impact Assessment Report online and physically on displays in the local community in 2023.

This formal consultation takes place before any licence can be issued or before development works, or deployments can start.

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